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The tension was obviously between them, after Melissa had tried to convince him to join the family but Mulder still rejected the unspoken invitation. Inches apart from his partners sister, he could feel Melissas warm breath on his neck before he lifted up his hand to touch her cheek. Melissa did the same and before they could think about what would happen next, he had been pushing her against the wall of his dining room. They kissed and pulled off their clothes on the way through his apartment till they reached Mulders couch, trying to get rid of the strong feeling about that they were about to loose what meant the most for them. It wasn't just the heat of the moment that was driving their actions, or deeper feelings for each other. It was pure desperation that came up.


08:10 p.m.

Right after they had sex, Melissa quickly grabbed her belongings and got dressed again before she headed out the door. Mulder stayed and looked up to the clock realizing what just happened and that they could have been lucky that there was still time before the Men in Black would arrive to search for clues, like X had told him earlier that day. He still wasn't sure if he should stay to give revenge for Scully or if he should follow Melissa to the hospital. He decided for the second and pulled up his shorts, got back into his blue jeans and buttoned his shirt on his way down to the car.

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