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Title: Baths, Attraction and Let's Go Home 
Author: Dana Doggett
Date: August 23, 2006
Rating: PG
Category: Scully POV, Doggett/Scully UST
Timeline: "Medusa"
Disclaimer: In my hands these characters really aren't the characters that surfer created,
they're better than that, they like to explore more extreme possibilities.

Beta: Alexa

Summary: Scully can't keep her partner off her mind.


What was it he said? He'd be taking a bath in twenty minutes back at the hotel? I can't
keep track of the exact words he said because my mind is distracted with the mental
image of John Doggett relaxing in a bathtub. Wet… naked… my partner, John Doggett.

He's not what you'd call traditionally attractive. If he were famous he probably wouldn't
grace the cover of People or Entertainment Weekly like the pretty boys of Hollywood.
But John Doggett isn't a pretty boy. He's a man. He's comfortable in himself and who he
is and that's part of what makes him so attractive to me.

He's sexy in the sexiest way. He's a man who thinks for himself. He stands behind his
beliefs, but will budge if need be. He's no-nonsense with a sensitive side. I see it in his
eyes every time he tells me he'll find Mulder. His heart breaks for me and I can feel his
love. What's sexier than a man who's confident with himself and sensitive to his own
feelings and to those of others?

I shouldn't even get started on what I think when he rolls up the sleeves of his shirt when
we're at work. The way his fingers fondle the cuff links… makes my heart beat faster and
my face flush.

I walk into the hospital room he is in just as he's about to get out of bed. He's impatient
and the "caught" look on his face is adorable. Before I know it he's turned his back to me
and I can't help myself, I look down, it's an open-back hospital gown.

He tries to look like I didn't just see his bare butt, but the smile he gives me before
ducking behind the curtain to change tells me otherwise. He knows I've checked him out.
He's figuring out that I'm attracted to him. I hope he feels the same way for me.

The man is killing me, coming out from behind the curtain, tucking in that snug-tight
white T-shirt, and zipping up his black slacks. Can he please come to work dressed like
that for a day, please?

I don't remember seeing him grab boxer shorts and I wonder now if he's wearing anything
at all underneath those slacks. Somehow I'm able to follow our conversation, but it slips
out, my mind is on his butt:

"But they've got you to thank. And not just for saving their butts."

Lord! Where's a cold shower when I need one? And now my mind is back on the mental
image of John Doggett in a bath. Relaxing in a bubble bath is one of my favorite ways to
pass time. I'd do anything to share that time with John at my side, and some soft,
romantic classical music.

"No. You figured it out. I was just your eyes and ears." He doesn't want to take credit for
the good work he's done. Fact is we both figured it out together. I smile at him. We're so
similar to each other. We could work.

"Agent Scully..." I wish he'd use my first name.

Then I say something in a way that suggests he come home with me, perhaps to enjoy a
bubble bath together:

"Let's go home."

I subtly check him out again and walk away. The look on his face is one I'll never forget.
He's thinking of the case, and I'm hoping that he'll come home with me. I'm not sure if he
gets what that means.



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