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Title: L'Amour Existe Encore 
Author: Dana Doggett
Date: October 31, 2006
Rating: G
Category: drabble, Doggett/Scully implied
Disclaimer: In my hands these characters really aren't the characters that surfer created,
they're better than that, they like to explore more extreme possibilities.
Beta: Alexa
Summary: Scully's favorite Celine Dion song is revealed to Doggett.


The rain has finally stopped pouring down, pounding on the windows. John Doggett
takes his reading glasses off and reaches over to his night stand for their case. He's
careful not to disturb the beautiful redhead at his side. He turns off the bedside lamp and
makes himself comfortable at Dana Scully's side. He does not wrap his arms around her
as usual. He doesn't want to wake her from her peaceful slumber. He lets the world out of
his mind with one last heavy sigh as he closes his eyes. Then her body curls up next to
his, her arm draping over his chest.

"Quand je m'endors contre ton corps, je n'ai plus de doute que l'amour existe encore." She
whispers to him.

John grins upon hearing her voice speak quietly to him in French.

"Thought you studied German."

Dana nuzzles herself closer to him.

"It's the lyrics from one of my favorite songs. I think of it every night I fall asleep by your

He hears her let out a sleepy sigh and knows she's almost asleep again. He rolls onto his
side and wraps his arms around her body, thanking God for the her friendship, companionship and
most of all for the love he receives every day.

John closes his eyes and listens to the soft rain outside as he falls asleep.



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