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  • Title: A Toast
  • Archive: Anywhere
  • Author: ServeToResist
  • Description: Marita and Alex drink a toast.
  • Word Count: 155 Words

The bottle rocked on the table with the nearby explosion.  He reached to steady it before it tipped, and grasped the bottle by the neck.

He picked it up and read the label aloud, although they had both read the label several times already, "This bottle contains tawny port, which has been aged 50 years in certified oak casks and selected for the finest flavor.  Bottled in 2001."

He looked up at her, "We saved the best for last.  There's no more wine after this."

She smiled, "There may not be another day.  The colonists are getting close.  Open it."

Glassware hadn't survived the invasion very well.  He uncorked the bottle and poured generously into two tall, slender juice glasses.  Just like his Marita, tall and slender.

He held up his glass, "To our allies, the rebels."

Her glass clinked against his, "To the rebels.  And to us, Alex."

"To us."

They drank.

Step 1. Serve
Step 2. Resist from Within

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