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Author: SyndicateGirl
Archive: Yes, definitely! But please keep my headers attached and let me know where it is if you can. Thanks!
Rating: G
Classification:  Vignette, 155 words. Response to the Report Card Challenge.
Summary: CSM and Cassandra Spender review Jeffrey Spender’s report card.
Disclaimer: The X-Files characters are Chris Carter's and 1013 Productions', not mine, unfortunately; no infringement is intended. Please don't sue - I'm a writer, and have no money! :D

Note: Yes, this is my thrid fanfic for this vignette challenge, but I couldn't help myself! :) I got in a bath, and the idea just sprang to mind.  Ah, bathtub, is there anything you can't do? ;)

TITLE: Report Card Day

Jeffrey reluctantly made his way into the kitchen. “Jeffrey!” Cassandra chirped, “Just in time to help me set the table.” CSM looked up from his newspaper, “How was school?” 

Jeffrey fidgeted with an envelope before blurting out, “Um-ok-you both need to look at this!”

“Report card day?” Cassandra asked.How did she always know? Jeffrey nodded, swallowing, and held out a shaking hand.  Terrible visions followed.  Screaming, swearing...What if his father hit him?  Jeffrey could hear the newspaper being folded, and braced himself for the worst, eyes shut tight. Cassandra smiled, and she and her husband exchanged amused looks.  

Every few months this happened. All As and Bs, a perfectly acceptable report card.  Jeffrey, though, acted as if merciless beatings were the norm in the Spender household. CSM chuckled.  One of these days the kid would give himself an ulcer.  He still couldn’t understand why Jeffrey would be so intimidated by his own father.

CSM: Nothing vanishes without a trace...burn it!

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