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  • Title: Fired
  • Challenge Response: Report Card Day - CSM reviews young Jeffrey Spender's report card
  • Archive: Anywhere
  • Author: ServeToResist
  • Description: Young Jeffrey Spender hands his report card over to his father.
  • Word Count: 155 Words

His hands trembled a little as he pushed the #7 envelope across the dark cherry desk, across the green blotter, into his father's hands.  His father opened the sealed envelope with the letter opener from in the top desk drawer.

He inhaled from his cigarette as he reviewed the unfolded sheet of onionskin paper.  He tapped his cigarette into the ashtray, and shook his head, "Have a seat."

Jeffrey hopped up into the leather chair across the desk from his father, "Yes, sir?"

"Your performance does not meet this family's needs at this time.  I'm afraid we're going to have to let you go."

"Excuse me, Sir?"

"You're fired."

Jeffrey stared at him, mouth agape.  And something remarkable happened. He smiled.  "This is a good report card, Jeffrey.  Go show your mother."

There was only one thing more surprising than his father's approval.  His father had joked with him.

Step 1. Serve
Step 2. Resist from Within

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