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Author: BehindNorthernLights
Archive: Heck, yeah!
Spoilers: None that I can think of
Rating: G
Classification:  Vignette: 155 words. Response to Report Card Challenge.
Summary: CSM looks over his son, Jeffrey’s, report card.
Disclaimer: The X-Files characters belong to Chris Carter and 1013 Productions.  In other words - not mine. No infringement is intended.
Title: A Brief Moment

Jeffrey stood before his father’s desk, hands stuffed in his pockets.  His father held the report card between tobacco stained fingers.  

“You’ve done commendably,” he said in a cool voice.

A smile spread across young Jeffrey’s face.  He had finally made his father proud.  Years of feeling like a disappointment melted away instantly.  

Jeffrey reached out for the report card, but his father held it tightly.

“Commendably with the exception of this B.”  CSM paused, “You disappoint me, boy.”

He set the report card down, looking expectantly at his son.

For a moment, Jeffrey was sure that his father was staring straight through him.

“Sorry, Sir,” he mumbled.  

Jeffrey was holding back tears, and had to escape the study before his father saw.  

“Close the door on your way out.”  

Jeffrey turned to leave.  He wanted to cry, but instead he closed his eyes and remembered the moment when his father was proud of him. 

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