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Author: SyndicateGirl
Archive: Yes, definitely! But please keep my headers attached and let me know where it is if you can. Thanks!
Rating: G
Classification:  Vignette, 155 words. Response to the Report Card Day Challenge.
Summary: Jeffrey Spender has to take his first report card to his father.
Disclaimer: The X-Files characters are Chris Carter's and 1013 Productions', not mine, unfortunately; no infringement is intended. Please don't sue - I'm a writer, and have no money! :D

TITLE: Bravery (155 Word Vignette/Challenge Response)

“Don’t cry honey, it’ll be fine.”

Cassandra smiled down at her son.  There were tears in his eyes, and it broke her heart.  

Jeffrey was clutching his first report card - As and one B - he hated that B.  He knew that his father would kill him for letting his “standards slip.”  

Cassandra gave him another hug, “I promise you, Jeffies, it’ll be fine.  Your dad’s not a monster, he’ll be proud of you.”

Jeffrey decided right then that his mother was officially the bravest person around.  All the Army men he had seen cower before his father, doing everything he asked without was it possible for his mother - a girl - to be so brave?  Maybe that’s how she banished monsters from his closet.  

Cassandra turned him around, giving him a little shove towards the study.  No use stalling. It was time to enter the lair and face the dragon.

CSM: Nothing vanishes without a trace...burn it!

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