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Cassandra Spender wearing a wedding ring The Mystery Of Cassandra Spender's Wedding Ring

What's that on Cassandra Spender's hand? Surely it can't be a wedding ring. Maybe it can. It sure looks like one.

Yes, a full on engagement ring and wedding ring set right there on her ring finger.

But the question is why? Beyond the distinct possibility that the X-Files people missed seeing it during filming...

Maybe she remarried?

If she had remarried, wouldn't Jeffrey Spender have mentioned a stepfather when he spoke of his mother, or his early life. Or maybe CSM would have mentioned it. Or maybe that new husband would have come to visit her even once at the hospital, or maybe been worried about her when she disappeared. Closeup of Cassandra Spender's Wedding Ring

And why is her last name still Spender? Just like C.G.B. Spender. Just like Jeffrey Spender. Remarriage seems not to be a possibility.

Some people do keep their married name after a divorce, to make it easier to pick up little Jeffrey from school, and not pay name-change fees. But again, what about the ring?

Maybe she wanted to remember all those great times when she was married to the CSM? Oh, yeah, she totally wants to wear the ring given to her by the man who used her as collateral, then had her experimented on in painful ways that caused her to end up in a wheelchair.

Maybe Cassandra Spender and CSM never divorced? Jeffrey Spender never said that they divorced, he said that his father walked out. Looking at the transcripts from "The Red and The Black," Jeffrey says, " dad had left his family and it drove my mom insane. Only, I was eleven years old and I didn't know it."

Left his family, not divorced. Interesting choice of words, and leaves the entire scenario a bit open ended (much like the question of why Jeffrey doesn't remember his dad even though he was 11 years old when his dad left his family...another post for another time!)

So maybe Cassandra Spender and CSM are still married? If so, it is quite possible that either Cassandra doesn't think of herself and CSM as still married, or she doesn't know that they are not divorced, because she does refer to CSM as her ex-husband / Jeffrey's father.

CSM Wedding Ring MysteryMy bet would be on Cassandra and CSM being still married, but very, very separated to the point that they do not think of one another as anything but ex-wife, ex-husband.

So why doesn't CSM wear a ring, you ask?

Not sure, but it would seem that he never wore a ring - take a good look at this screenshot of CSM at El Rico in the 1970s. And that would have been the time for him to wear one - when she was married to him, and he could choose her as his collateral.

So far, the mystery of Cassandra Spender's wedding ring continues...